Summer Law School “Cyber & Law” – Academic Program

About the Project

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the base of society. Reflexes of technological impacts are visible on different field of studies: law, economy, business, science, etc. The influence is able to allow improvement and radical changes, but even the creation of new, field of study. This last is the case of Legal Informatics and Forensics. The discipline studies reflexes of ICT on law-economics-business areas, in order to allow technical, juridical or business changes for ICT Law and Forensics compliance. This will be the aim of the Elsa Pisa Summer School “Cyber & Law” 2015. Five days where ICT, Law and Business will try to find a balance in order to obtain a coherent compliance in the following issue: Brand Protection on Internet, Computer Forensics, Digital Business Security, Criminal and Civil Digital Evidence, Digital Privacy. Though lessons with theoretical and practical explanations, structured as research seminars, students will be introduced to a new kind of discipline with two souls, technical and juridical, in order to be ready for study in deep past, present and future techno-juridical issues. Summer School is based on concrete professional experience of the lecturer with study of practical cases, analysis of laws texts and explanations of technical experiments, reason why the frequency is not only useful for university or PhD students, but also for Advocate, Judge, Manager and Professional, skilled in the study field or even not.

Every day 30 minutes will be reserved for participants discussion about materials gave and items of the lecture just terminated, in order to focus attention and practically apply them.

At the end of the Summer School, every participant will be invited to present a paper. Bests will be published in the Database IGFWeb, Giappichelli Publisher.



Monday, 20 July

9,00 a.m. – 10,45 a.m. | Introduction to Legal Informatics and Computer Forensics study field

11,00 a.m. – 12,45 a.m. | Brand Protection on Internet


Tuesday, 21 July

9,00 a.m. – 10,45 a.m. | Computer Forensics

11,00 a.m. – 12,45 a.m. | Application: Cloud computing and Diving


Wednesday, 22 July

9,00 a.m. – 10,45 a.m. | Digital Business Security

11,00 a.m. – 12,45 a.m. | Application: Cyber Security and Corporate Digital Investigation


Thursday, 23 July

9,00 a.m. – 10,45 a.m. | Criminal Digital Evidence in the European Union

11,00 a.m. – 12,45 a.m. | Civil Digital Evidence in the Italian Procedural Code


Friday, 24 July

9,00 a.m. – 10,45 a.m. | New European Privacy Regulation

11,00 a.m. – 12,45 a.m. | Digital Privacy: assessment e privacy by design



Dr. Filippo Novario | PhD and just university contract Professor of Legal Informatics and Computer Forensics. He is Legal informatics and Computer Forensics advisor for companies, ICT and not, banks and assurances, independent certification entities, judges, prosecutors, law firms, institutions, law enforcements. He is author of monographs, essays and articles in the fields of Legal Informatics, Computer Forensics, ICT security, Hacking, Cyber Security, Digital Privacy and ICT Risk Management. He is creator and scientific director of the Database IGFWeb for Giappichelli Publisher, 2015,


Materials and Classroom activities

Decisions, text of laws, articles and website references will be indicated two weeks before the Summer School beginning. The materials have to be read in order to use them for better understand classroom items and interact in end of lessons’ discussions.